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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: How do I adjust my timer for the time change in the spring or fall?

Grässlin Timer
A: You can change the time on your Grässlin timer by pressing down the "Clock" key (The bottom half of the large button on the left side of the display) and pressing the h or m keys on the right side of the display. You can also try pressing the ±1h button just above the h key. This will add 1 hour to the time and put a small ±1h indicator on the display. If the ±1h indicator is already lit, pressing the ±1h key will subtract 1 hour from the time and remove the indicator from the display.

Diehl Timer
A: Make sure the switch marked RUN P1 P2 is set to RUN, press down both the h and the m keys at the same time and hold them until the colon on the display stops flashing. Use the h and the m keys to reset the display to the correct time. When you are finished setting the time, slide the run switch to P1 and back to the RUN position.


Q: Why does the indicator on the timer say my lights are turned on?
A: The timer is not indicating the the lights are in fact on, but that the timer will allow them to come on should the photo control signal that it is dark out or the photo control bypass switch is set to manual.